KD's ​Manufacturing
Thank you for visiting KD's Manufacturing & Distribution website, here you will find the most amazing BBQ sauce on the market. These sauces are made with a unique blend of tomato products & spices which have been simmered for hours. Our sauces are GREAT on virtually everything ranging from wild game, pulled pork, ribs, & chicken of all kinds. Also give your salads a flair with the hickory smoked taste of KD's Homemade BBQ Sauce as well. We now manufacturer Devil John Moonshine BBQ Sauce & Devil John Moonshine Cherries.

​​ KD's products are all KY Proud Products that is manufactured and distributed with pride from the hills of Kentucky. 

​KD's Manufacturing is a small batch full production facility specializing in making and Co-Packing KY Proud Products such as Homemade BBQ Sauces, Jellies, Drink Bases, Moonshine Cherries, etc., etc.

KD's Manufacturing works directly with ​​customers to produce some of the most outstanding and mouthwatering products on the market and is adding new line products and customers by meeting with and following by the book his client's secret recipes.